When getting it right really matters, I can help you

Good writing really matters. Errors in your technical, medical, engineering, and scientific documents can cost you money, time, and the loss of your reputation:

I provide two different services to help you improve your writing or the writing of your employees to reduce your chances of dramatic consequences:

The Text Doctor’s editing solutions

I am an experienced editorial consultant providing medical, scientific, and technical editing services to a wide range of clients. As a copyeditor, I focus on improving the language, flow, structure, clarity, and correctness of your texts.

I will also add value through editorial consulting and training in best practices to help you in all stages of developing complex texts.

Visit my Editing Services page to learn more.

The Text Doctor’s technical writing webinar solutions

  • Highly interactive experiences, with polls, chats, and discussions—not endless lecture
    • “If you never do, you’ll never know”: We practice fixing poor writing.
  • Available anywhere your employees are, worldwide
  • Fast, focused, and fun writing training for less cost than live training
    • Usually taught in two-hour blocks rather than a whole day away from work
  • Up to 40% less expensive than face-to-face training by eliminating everyone’s travel costs
  • Favored over face-to-face training by 98% of my attendees
  • Web-based coaching sessions
  • Streaming recordings available
  • Free! Writing support for one year

Visit my Technical Writing Webinar page to learn more.

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