Why use live web-based training to help your people learn to write better?

  • Your employees are geographically dispersed, sometimes all over the world.
  • Your employees can’t miss a whole day of work—but can attend shorter blocks of training.
  • Your training budget is limited and you need to eliminate travel expenses (which often add 40% to cost of training).
  • Ninety-eight percent of my learners preferred learning about writing virtually over live training.

The Text Doctor has webinar solutions for you

  • Highly interactive experiences, with polls, chats, and discussions—not endless lecture
    • “If you never do, you’ll never know”: We practice fixing poor writing.
  • Available anywhere your employees are
  • Fast, focused, and fun writing training for less cost than live training
  • Web-based coaching sessions
  • Streaming recordings available
  • Free! Writing support for one year

What learners say about my webinar training

  • I wish Bette had taught me back in school; she really has a knack for making technical writing less complicated.
  • A great use of time–learn about writing rules without obsessing about grammar.
  • While I’m the most-experienced technical writer here, you have graciously trained me and elevated my skills in needed areas. Thank you, and just think what my prior statement means about our need for you here!
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