When it’s important to get your writing right, I can help you

Good writing really matters. Errors in your technical, medical, engineering, and scientific documents can cost you money, time, and the loss of your reputation:

I provide two different services to help you improve your writing or the writing of your employees to reduce your chances of dramatic consequences!

The Text Doctor’s technical writing webinar solutions

  • Highly interactive experiences, with polls, chats, and discussions—not endless lecture
    • “If you never do, you’ll never know”: We practice fixing poor writing.
  • Available anywhere your employees are, worldwide
  • Fast, focused, and fun writing training for less cost than live training
    • Usually taught in two-hour blocks rather than a whole day away from work
  • Up to 40% less expensive than face-to-face training by eliminating everyone’s travel
  • Also favored by 98% of my attendees over face-to-face training
  • Web-based coaching sessions
  • Streaming recordings available
  • Free! Writing support for one year

Visit my Technical Writing Webinar page to learn more.

The Text Doctor’s editing solutions

I am an experienced editorial consultant providing scientific, technical, and medical editing services to a wide range of clients. As an editor, I focus on improving the language, flow, structure, clarity, and correctness of your texts. I will edit your good articles and documents into excellent final products.

In addition, beyond “just editing,” I add value through consulting; project management; and training in best practices to help you in all stages of developing complex texts.

Visit my Editing Services page to learn more.

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