When “getting it right” really matters

I will bet that you believe that numbers are important. Each digit of a number matters—one mistake in one digit will change the meaning of that number drastically. I believe that too.

I also believe that the same principle applies to language. If you change letters in a word, the meaning completely changes:

Changing letters changes meaning

The same potential confusion is true with punctuation:


When punctuation or words are wrong, readers must go back to the beginning of the sentence and correct the text themselves (if they can) so that they can process the sentence correctly. Perhaps they will think: “Why couldn’t you get this right in the first place?”

But the irony is that you can’t always see your own mistakes. After you have spent hours or days writing a document, you see what you thought you wrote, not what you actually wrote.

When you make errors, I will catch your errors and help you say it better

I’m an editorial consultant providing medical, scientific, and healthcare editing services to a wide range of clients. I focus on improving the language, flow, structure, punctuation, and clarity of your writing. I’ll edit your good articles and documents into excellent final products.I can provide copy editing, substantive editing, manuscript editing, book editing, or proofreading for your important documents.

Finally, beyond “just editing,” I add value by consulting, project managing, and training your writers in best practices to help you in all stages of developing complex texts and making them right.

My editing credentials (just ask for copies of credentials)

  • PhD, University of Minnesota, English
  • Twenty-six years teaching technical and medical writing in corporations and organizations
  • AMWA (American Medical Writers Association) Essential Skills certificate, conferred November 2010 after completion of 8 graded courses; Concepts in Science & Medicine certificate, conferred November 2013 after completion of 8 graded courses.
  • BELS (Board of Editors in the Life Sciences) certification, awarded November 2010
  • Fellow, Society for Technical Communication (STC), May 2011
  • DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster [highest award conferred in Toastmasters), 2013

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