Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about my webinars

Interactivity, webinar-style!


We need to teach our engineers and other technical people more clearly and concisely. Their writing is disorganized and incomplete. Can you help?

After 26 years of experience working with an international medical device company and many other technical firms, I’ve learned what it takes to engage engineers, developers, programmers, and other technical people and help them bring out their strengths. And webinar technology is perfect for them because it leverages their technical knowledge while rewarding their introversion! Shy employees blossom when they can chat or respond to polls anonymously. These are the same people who, in a live class, will avoid eye contact, perhaps fearing that I might call upon them and they might embarrass themselves with a wrong answer in a room full of their peers. In our webinars, they sometimes even tell me jokes (privately), a practice that I fervently encourage.

We’re located on the East Coast but have employees all over the globe. How do you handle time zone differences?

I can offer webinars between 6 am and 9 pm Mountain Standard time (-7 GMT). We can talk about webinars outside of that 15-hour window.

What equipment do our employees need?

They’ll need a device to watch the webinars (computer, tablet, mobile phone). They’ll need to connect to audio either through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol—through the Internet) or by telephone (a landline is recommended). All participants will be muted, but I can unmute anyone who wishes to speak. A headset with a microphone is best for VOIP.

In many cases, I can set up long-distance numbers for international participants to provide better audio quality.

Do learners receive handouts?

Yes! I send handouts after the webinar so that they will focus on my slides and interactions. If I send handouts before, I’ve found that technical people will skim the handout and then multitask, believing that they have “learned” the material.

Do we need any special software?

No—just a browser or a mobile phone. I run the specialized software that delivers all the interactivity that your people will love.

Can we just contract for the webinar and not the one-on-one coaching?

My training is a package—I subscribe to the theory that “If you never do, you’ll never know.” I teach the principles of good technical writing in the webinars, and then we practice the principles when we meet one-on-one. Coaching will cost more, of course (doesn’t quality always cost?)–but your learners will appreciate the combination of instruction and application. Here’s a quote from a Medtronic employee (October 2015):

“I loved having a 1-1 session with Bette. It was extremely helpful. She was always ready to go and had good materials that are very applicable no matter what role you are in.”

What if an employee has to miss a session?

Life happens! They can watch the recording of the session and take a brief test to indicate their mastery of the concepts.

 Some of our people need more writing help than others. Any thoughts on that?

I’d be happy to contract individualized coaching for them after the webinar program concludes. Here’s how it works: They will write their document(s) and send them to me; I’ll review the document(s) and make comments; then we’ll meet to discuss my comments and answer any questions they might have. We’ll meet virtually, of course, using webcams if possible to enhance “bonding.”