My Technical Writing webinar program will improve employee writing


Your employees need help with writing technical documents. You know that quality issues in their writing are a drag on productivity and progress in your department, division, or company. Auditors complain about poor writing in your procedures and other documents. Maybe training in technical writing could help?

But as you know, it’s hard to get everyone together in one room at one time for a writing class. In addition, you worry about the cost of travel and days away from their desks or the manufacturing floor.

That’s why I teach almost exclusively by webinar. I can help your technical employees all over the world focus on their writing strengths and weaknesses. They’ll be at their desks or stations to participate actively in the webinar for only two hours at a time. I’ll engage them before, during, and after the webinar through e-mail interactions, polls, Q&A chats, and tests.

I’ll review a sample document and meet virtually with each participant to discuss changes that they can easily make. Although writing issues can be serious, we’ll have fun and enjoy our coaching session. And we’ll close with a discussion of: Nothing changes if nothing changes. They’ll define what they need to change if they want to improve their writing. If they have questions after we close out the class, they can contact me for up to one year.

We focus on technical reports, proposals, and procedures, using your company’s sample documents as our basic curriculum. We meet three times, a week apart, for two hours at a time on GoToTraining®. In each separate webinar, I present many principles of good technical writing and demonstrate these principles with before-and-after examples. Learners interact in chats, polls, and tests. Then, to apply their learning to their own writing, each learner meets with me in a virtual one-on-one coaching session (enabled by webcam) to review their writing sample. Finally, after the webinar program is complete, learners can opt to take a post-test to check their learning.

In three lively, information-packed sessions, we cover:

  • A time-saving writing process
  • Best practices for planning technical documents
  • Identifying and writing clear and direct sentences
  • Using appropriate paragraphing structures
  • Formatting documents and text to improve readability
  • Translating technical material for nontechnical readers
  • Cutting out deadwood for increased reader speed and comprehension
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback

Comments from people who have attended my Technical Writing webinar series

  • Highly relevant to my work. Good, clear direction. Good pace. (CH2M Hill)
  • Participated comfortably from home office; chats and polls kept the attendees engaged; it takes a special speaker to do a successful webinar and Bette was perfect. (CH2M Hill)
  • This course was a refresher for me on improving my technical writing skills. It was a good use of my time and was very helpful. I highly recommend. (Medtronic)
  • Bette is a fantastic speaker. I have enjoyed all of her webinars that I have attended thus far. (Medtronic)
  • I most liked Dr. Frick’s fun, encouraging, and highly knowledgeable style and approach, along with her carefully-prepared material’s high interactivity, applicability to the business needs of my Medtronic business unit, and widespread usefulness–from reports to proposals to emails to regulatory submissions. I was hugely impressed with how much I felt like part of a full “class,” just by Dr. Frick’s instant-messaging-forum times and the class surveys that helped us all engrain why certain writing approaches simply work better than those that don’t.
  • The review of writing samples from participants is a very useful and relevant teaching tool. The one-to-one coaching session should be extended to a one-hour long session given the amount of materials needed to be covered. (National Institutes of Health)

What questions do you have?

  • First, visit my FAQs page to see what others have asked about my technical writing webinars.
  • Then review my capabilities statement.
  • Then contact me through my contact page for customized pricing depending on length of webinars, number of learners, and amount of customization that you would like.

And be sure to link over to my testimonial gallery and read my testimonial page (the latter shares testimonials from my live training–I’ve translated the fun and engagement into all my webinars).