Testimonials: The Text Doctor’s training skills

Read what clients and learners have said about Dr. Frick’s training.

Medical Manufacturing Engineering Firm Technical Publications
Human Resource Manager Corporate Education Director Recruiter

Medical manufacturing testimonial

The feedback from the attendees in both of the classes that you taught was tremendous! Without exception, the input that we received was extremely positive. The attendees felt that they learned a great deal of very useful information that can immediately be applied to their present job situations.

Another striking detail that I gleaned from the class evaluations is that not only did people learn a lot, but they had a great time doing it! I believe that when learning is a pleasant experience, the information will be better retained and more likely to be recalled for use in real-life situations. Well, that is certainly the case with your classes. When people were leaving the classroom they were already discussing specific class topics that they planned on using right away. Some examples of these topics are improved organization of writing, better document layout for improved readability, and the utilization of a writing process to improve the finished writing product.

Bette, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation of how we can improve our technical writing skills. Everyone involved agreed that it was a very useful and fun experience. I hope to have you come back to Medtronic to present your information to a much wider audience.

Mark Miller
Engineering Specialist, Quality Assurance
Medtronic, Inc.

Arizona Device Manufacturing

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Corporate education director testimonial

Bette Frick is an exceptional educator who has provided high-quality educational programs for Medtronic for almost 14 years. Her program offering, content and curriculum have aligned very well with our internal development needs. She has consistently delivered great results for us due to her organization and presentation of materials, her great ability to teach, and her professional mastery of content. Besides her public program offering we have also received great results from Bette on custom programs we’ve asked her to lead.

Bette is a solid professional in every way. I recommend her enthusiastically to anyone who can benefit from her work.

Richard R. Gillen, PhD
Director, eKnowledge Center
Medtronic, Inc.

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Engineering firm testimonial

My staff of nine supervisors has the responsibility for eight to nine performance reviews annually. Completing these performance review on time has been a struggle due to varying levels of writing skills and confidence.

Your [Technical Writing] training has raised both the skill and confidence levels of my staff and thus improved on both the quality and timeliness of our performance reviews. Yes, indeed, your training has provided value to Remmele Engineering and to me personally.

Thank you,
DeWayne H. Gasman
Operations Manager
Remmele Engineering, Inc.

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Technical publications testimonial

Bette Frick worked closely with us to make sure that the course curriculum was appropriate for our employees. Bette uses real world examples in her training. This helps our employees apply what they learned to their jobs on a daily basis.

The feedback that I received from the learners was as follows.

  • Bette was easy to listen to.
  • She kept things moving and interesting.
  • I thought learning about writing would be boring and dull, but it wasn’t!
  • Bette helped me make sense of those grammar rules I learned in school but never understood.

All employees communicate; some internally, some externally. An employee’s communication skills are a reflection not only of that employee, but also of their department and the entire company. When an employee sends a grammatically incorrect email to an important client, the message may not have the desired impact even if the technical aspect of the email is correct.

Susan Pelletier
Supervisor, Technical Publications
Rimage Corporation

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Human resource manager testimonial

Bette Frick is an adaptable, competent instructor. We worked together to revise curriculum at Best Buy with outstanding results. Her classes were full to capacity with students clamoring to attend. She’s knowledgeable about writing skills, comes prepared, and delivers the class in a fun, energetic way… [her] delivery is humorous and keeps trainees on their toes. They like the critiques she does of their writing. [I feel that writing] is the essence of everything employees do — it’s one of the critical building blocks of a successful organization.

Janene Heidelberg
Manager HR—Training and Development
Best Buy

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Recruiter testimonial

My impressions of Bette Frick as a trainer cover two major themes:

1. She is highly organized and her preparation starts well before the training delivery or class in a systematic debriefing and strategic analysis of a client’s business. She understands the paradigm of both the client and students and the course materials and class discussion reflect it.

2. Her delivery of the material in a class setting is warm, nurturing, and humorous. (Ask her about the rubber chickens.) She makes herself available to the students long after the class (indefinitely), so that the learning is embedded and personalized to the students’ daily needs. This is highly unusual in a corporate trainer, especially one who normally works as an outside resource.

As a recruiter I place as many as 77 trainers and writers per year in the corporations that hire Bette Frick. I highly recommend her.

Pat O’Donnell
McKinley Group, Inc.

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Testimonial from fellow Toastmasters

I want to thank you for your presentation yesterday at Avaya. I am a member of the ToastMasters club and your presentation was most helpful. I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation on January 16 on glyconutritionals as an educational talk to nurses. I have a presentation done but would like to expand it, and am such a novice at PowerPoint that I just soaked up your information. Thank you so much. Will check out your website and newsletter.

So glad that you have moved to Colorado. What a great addition to our state and community!

Toni Muscatello
Registered Nurse

Ralph Wallace has been positively raving about the session you gave at the District 26 conference, and asked me to follow up to see if you would consider presenting at [the Toastmasters Region III Conference] .”

Nancy S. Starr-Cassidy
Conference Coordinator

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Attendees offer their testimonials

I took Bette’s one-day writing seminar at Medtronic a few months back, and I could not believe how much I learned from that one colloquium. Having already acquired my B.A. in Technical Communications, I had taken this class for “refresher” reasons. But the class taught me many things I had never learned in college. Her creative style of relaying the information and her exuberance toward individuals’ learning cannot be paralleled. During the seminar, Bette told the class that she would help anyone, at any time, with their writing problems. So I took her up on that proclamation.

The Text Doctor has helped me with several grammar and usage problems over the last couple months. Bette has not only helped me format an award-winning resume, but also helped with verbiage problems on a speech. I truly appreciate the time and effort she has put forth in lending a helpful ear and a skillful eye.

Jason Hoelzel
Medtronic, Inc.

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“I frequently refer to your Better Grammar and Punctuation guidebook. It’s a helpful guide!”

Beth K
Washington County (MN)

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