Unsolicited praise for Bette Frick's Technical Writing training

Many thanks to my wonderful students for providing these testimonials in their company evaluations after our webinar:

  • Before I took the webinar, I used to do what ‘felt’ right when it comes to technical writing. After taking the webinar, I realize that the principles and the rules will help me be right, not just feel like it :-). (Medtronic learner)
  • I want to thank you again for helping me to appreciate why I love English. You are such a great steward of the written word–your passion is contagious! (Medtronic learner)
  • Thank you so much. You have a unique ability to make something like this really enjoyable in your technical writing webinar…and, of course, I need to put into place the concepts that you taught, some of which we all know, but we don’t use very effectively. (Was that too many commas?) (CH2M engineer)
  • Your class was really helpful and fun. My writing will definitely improve thanks to taking your class. The joke PDF is hilarious! (Medtronic System Analyst)
  • I wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume. I finally landed a job last week and I am sure that the resume helped. I am taking a technical writing class at Normandale and the class brought in their resumes and voted on the top three, and mine was number one. Even the teacher said it was one of the best he has seen. Thanks a lot for all your help in my job search.
  • Thanks for the great course, book, and one on one attention. This, along with your grammar course, are exactly what I was looking for to take my technical writing skills to the next level. Thanks again for helping me with my career.
  • My manager attended your in-person course and recommended the course to me. I found your course to be very enjoyable and informative and would recommend it to others. (Medtronic employee)
  • I think you’re great. I loved your classes. I went home talking about them to my husband and he was amazed that you could make punctuation and grammar so interesting. Now I need someone who can do that with math. I may be looking for awhile! (Adams County employee)
  • It was faster paced than a face-to-face class. (Innovize)
  • There was a lot of interaction with Bette and the other folks in the class. That helped me stay engaged. (Innovize)
  • The interaction between the presenter and attendees was great. (Noven Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dr. Frick uses a variety of training tools that not only facilitate the learning process but also keep the participants engaged. Quick questions and polls about what she just taught us kept us engaged during the training. Very nice personality and knowledgeable about Medtronic and its employees, departments, and business units.
  • Elizabeth is a very talented and experienced professional. Because of that, I have learned so easily and with so much fun that I didn’t feel that sessions lasted a couple of hours each. I am impressed by the level of attention I put into the training and all the information retained. Definitely a great course with direct application to my daily work activities. (Medtronic)
  • Ease of participation. Chat function works well to obtain input without interrupting presenter’s flow of information. (CH2M)
  • Eliminated wasted driving time to get to live class. Participated comfortably from home office; chats and polls kept the attendees engaged. It takes a special speaker to do a successful webinar and Bette was perfect. (CH2M)
  • Thanks very much again for your webinar class. I’ve been through a lot of training and I found your presentation and style very engaging. (Veson Nautical)

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