Do I need a writing coach or an editor?

Do I need a writing coach or an editor?

Well, it depends…let’s define the two activities and you can decide! What a writing coach does A coach (who also may be called a tutor) assesses your skill level in a certain type of activity and helps you raise your performance to another level. For example, I have a business coach, Michael Sunnarborg, who helps… Continue Reading

As perfect as it gets

As perfect as it gets

I always regret that I cannot be a perfect editor, although I aim for perfection.That’s why I use “PerfectIt,” software from Intelligent Editing that states on its website that it “is the fastest way to find consistency mistakes.” Sure enough, it checks for consistency of hyphenation; capitalization; numbers/words; capitalization in headings; abbreviations and acronyms (definitions/spelling);… Continue Reading

Are three options more persuasive than one in a proposal?

Good things come in threes, they say, and maybe that’s true in proposals as well, if Alan Weiss is right. Weiss, the author of Million Dollar Consulting Proposals, suggests that offering a low-, mid-, and high-priced option in a proposal allows your client (or boss or department inside your organization) to choose based on their… Continue Reading

The agony of the long-distance writer

Next month, my daughter will run a marathon to celebrate a milestone birthday. I marvel at her training routine―10-mile runs, half-marathons, intervals, cross-training. I can’t wait to cheer her on in Aspen. Although my running days are over, I’ve recently completed a marathon of sorts. I’ve just spent six months revising 26 chapters for my… Continue Reading

E.D. Hirsch is half right about vocabulary building

E.D. Hirsch Jr. recently wrote in the New York Times that the decline in American students’ vocabulary scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress signals a decline in equality for students―without wide general knowledge and vocabulary, he claims, students cannot go on to learn the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects that they… Continue Reading

Only one-quarter of American students have solid writing skills

A recently released report (The National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 8 and 12) reveals that only 27% of eighth-graders and twelfth-graders perform at or above proficient level in writing. I’m not at all surprised by these data, although I do hope that all students eventually improve their writing skills. Based on my daily… Continue Reading

Freelancers: A revised resource on what to charge

I’ve always been a little vague about numbers. One result of this vagueness is a peculiar amnesia about how much time I spend on any activity, including work activities. With such a dysfunctional view of time, it is a miracle that I have survived as a freelancer as long as I have. After I read… Continue Reading