Should I capitalize that?

Every decent style guide in America has a fully developed chapter on capitalization and the rules are pretty straightforward. Instead of covering hundreds of rules in depth here, I’d like to share three questions about capitalization that came up during a recent webinar on grammar. I’ll answer the questions and then summarize my answers with… Continue Reading

The numbers game

I have frequent requests in my writing classes to explain how to express numbers in technical and business writing. Let me be honest with you: I can’t possibly cover all the variables involved in writing numbers in this brief post. In fact, I could actually shorten this article dramatically if I just said: “Consult your… Continue Reading

Good space, bad space

White space is good for readers, except when it is not good for readers. White space is defined as “areas without text or graphic” and should be as minimal as necessary and evenly distributed throughout a page. White space “lightens” the page and invites the reader to read. It gives the reader’s eye a place… Continue Reading