I don’t like to write, but I like to “have written”!

My title today is a quote from someone famous (whose name eludes me). The quote alludes to a nearly universal writing block that often keeps us from our best writing efforts. I’m practicing the antidote to “I don’t like to write” right now, by disciplining myself to write every day on the introduction to my book on Marketing Bingo.

Come to think of it, writing is a lot like marketing: “I don’t like to market, but I like to “have marketed.” Maybe that’s why I’m writing this book–for all of you who postpone marketing because of “marketer’s block.” The solution to writing block is writing; the solution to marketer’s block is…to market. Pick a tactic, any tactic,  and do it, laying out the steps you need to follow to accomplish it.

One tactic is “Get a newsletter!” Here’s what the steps are: 1. Find a delivery method. 2. Find what you want to say (your voice). 3. Find listeners (readers). 4. Create a schedule. 5. Write. 6. Publish. 7. Repeat 5 and 6.

When I finish this blog, I’m going to sit down to read the information for a new health insurance program I will probably sign up for. I got the information from a man I had contacted three years ago about health insurance when I moved to Colorado. He looked at my current policy and said he honestly couldn’t provide anything better at that time. He sent me newsletters for three years. Two days ago, my insurance company wrote to raise my rates, and Andrew’s newsletter hit my e-mail box at almost the same time. BINGO! I e-mailed him right away to get a quote, and I think I have a new insurance agent.

And that’s why we market. Not because we like to, but because we need to, and it feels so good to have new business (and repeat business) come knocking at our door.

And that’s why I am writing this book. Good marketing is like good writing: Just do it! And then do it over and over until you get it right. Then get it better.

The marketing isn’t fun, but the business it brings IS fun.

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