Look at me! I’m an LLC, or how italics cost me $25

My attorney made me do it; he said I had to become an LLC (limited liability company) and told me I could do it online myself.

But here’s what happened: The very first field in the online application asked for my entity name. Easy! “The Text Doctor.” Somehow I missed the fine print in italics that told me to put LLC after my entity name. In spite of my omission, the state gave me the LLC anyway.

And then my bank caught the mistake and refused to accept my LLC unless I went back and amended my original filing. Darned if that didn’t cost me another $25!

It turns out that italics can create readability issues for anyone. You can see the problem with italics in a delightful interactive course about typography from the National Learning Network.  I’ve always taught learners to avoid using italics in extended text. Now I’m living proof that italics, especially small and onscreen, are less readable than regular (roman) text.

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