Sarcasm punctuation mark: A failsafe way to show your ironic intent

A student in my Best Buy punctuation course last week sent me a link to an exciting new punctuation mark: the SarcMark. Designed to be used as you use an exclamation or question mark (at the end of a statement in English), the downloadable version is free at the present time. The new punctuation mark will allow you to make it clear that your statement in an e-mail or text message is ironic, avoiding smiley faces.

From Matthew Moore’s blog post in The Telegraph:

“The symbol – a dot inside a single spiral line – can be installed onto any PC running Windows 7, XP or Vista, as well as Macs and Blackberry mobile devices. It can then be used in Word documents, instant instant messenger conversations, Outlook email and other programmes, just by pressing Ctrl and the full stop button.”

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