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Sarah Taffee
Sarah Taffee

Today I am featuring a guest column by a former client and friend who just started her own coaching business:

I first met Bette about 18 years ago when I was exploring career options in college and have since had the privilege of working with her on multiple occasions. I’m grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself to her brilliant readers:

My name is Sarah Taffee. I recently resigned as HR director at a software company to focus on my work as a leadership development and personal coach. I am excited to be receiving my Professional Coach designation in February! For over 15 years I have actively developed people as a trainer, consultant, and HR professional. My experience forms a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for coaching: In addition to asking powerful questions that help clients discover and explore their own path forward, I also offer tools and tips from my experience that are relevant to my clients’ goals.

As emerging leaders, my clients are typically creative, resourceful, and eager to grow and discover. But often they can benefit from outside help, particularly when it comes to achieving the self-awareness, personal growth, and conscious action they need to thrive in leadership positions. I work with highly talented, results-oriented, motivated people who seek out coaching to:

  • Focus on pursuing their goals or discovering “what’s next”
  • Determine their values and create a vision for who they are becoming
  • Uncover available choices and alternative perspectives
  • Become aware of and change mindsets and behaviors that hold them back
  • Access their inner strength and wisdom with ease
  • Deepen their learning about their experiences
  • Live and work consciously, in alignment with their values

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