Business Writing Webinars

Virtual training may be your best training solution today, since formal classroom training can be tough to pull off. Employees are more likely to be working remotely or scattered geographically; meeting space is at a premium; and with work and personal demands greater than ever, everyone is distracted and overloaded.

Of course, those are exactly the conditions that demand top-notch communication skills! The more complex things get, the more critical clear communication becomes for keeping projects running smoothly and clients happy.

That’s where The Text Doctor’s virtual webinars come in: They offer great training in a convenient format that works with today’s hectic schedules. And they are even more appropriate if your learners are geographically dispersed.

The Text Doctor’s virtual webinars cover a range of communication topics

Beyond bullet points: How not to kill your presentation with your slides 1.5 hours
Business writing 4 hours in two 2-hour segments, usually 1 week apart
Communicating visually: How to create tables, graphs, and other graphics that instantly convey your message 2 hours
E-mail etiquette 2 hours
Grammar refresher 2 hours
Managing staff writing 1.5 hours
Procedure writing 4 hours in two 2-hour segments, usually 1 week apart
Produce more effective meeting documents 2 hours
Produce more effective meeting minutes 1 hour
Proofread like a pro 1 hour
Proposal writing 4 hours in two 2-hour segments, usually 1 week apart
Punctuation matters 2 hours
That’s a good question! 2 hours
Tools editors use 1 hour
Writing for translation 2 hours
Writing in Plain Language (rather than “Government Speak”) 2 hours

To promote and ensure interaction, all webinars are capped at 25 people. All webinars are delivered using Citrix® GoToTraining®, an easy-to-use platform and industry standard. Employees learn at their desks, watching the presentation and listening and speaking by phone or headset. Dr. Frick registers all learners and the system sends reminders before the webinars. Learners vote in polls and write chats to increase interactivity. They receive handouts after the webinar. If they have to miss the webinar for any reason, they can watch the recording within 7 days.

Be sure to ask about opportunities for customization! And contact Dr. Frick to receive objectives and topics for each individual webinar.

Please also visit The Text Doctor’s Technical Writing Webinar page.