Editing services

When “getting it right” really matters

Bette assisted us by editing monograph articles for our web-based Health Technology Pipeline project on new pharmaceutical products, biologics, medical devices and other subjects. She provided exceptional editorial services that encompassed the technical language and grammar edits as well as medically oriented information edits and reference checks.”—Lincy S. Lal, PharmD, PhD, Director–Healthcare Pipeline and Research Optum Insight, Optum (previously United Health)

When getting it right really matters, I offer a “second opinion” on your book manuscript, article, or other crucial documents. l do this through meticulous copy editing and line editing to help you express yourself with clarity and precision. I focus on improving the language, flow, structure, and conciseness of your writing, including:

  • Correcting errors and inconsistencies in punctuation, grammar, mechanics, spelling, tense, and style
  • Removing redundant and repetitive language and converting passive voice to active voice where appropriate
  • Suggesting sentence revisions and paragraph reorganization
  • Checking and correcting references to equations, tables, figures, charts, citations, and appendices
  • Fact-checking

Medical, scientific, technical, and nonfiction editing

I focus my services on medical, scientific, technical, and nonfiction editing. I copy edit book manuscripts; journal articles; web pages and marketing material; blog posts; specifications and procedures; and specialized medical and technical formats, including clinical submissions, medical trial protocols, proposals, patient and physician materials, and other content. In addition, I develop style conventions for larger editing projects.

You might think of me as your “Editor-at-Large”!

Sample projects

For authors, I copy edit book manuscripts such as The Promised Landing: A Gateway to Peaceful Dying by Bart Windrum.

For Cardiotext in Minneapolis, MN, I copy edited a 2600-page book manuscript (Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics by William H. Frishman, editor).

For Oregon Health & Science University’s Curriculum Development Center, I wrote and edited lecture slides and audio transcripts relating to healthcare technology.

For Books of Discovery, I copy edited Massage Therapists Guide to Pathology, 7th edition.

For water engineering firms (including DiNatale Water and Western Resource Advocates), I copy edit final reports and water efficiency guides. I also recently copy edited a 331-page water guidebook of 112,767 words that had many contributors.

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