The Text Doctor’s editing testimonials


Bette assisted us by editing monograph articles for our web-based Health Technology Pipeline project on new pharmaceutical products, biologics, medical devices, and other subjects. She provided exceptional editorial services that encompassed the technical language and grammar edits as well as medically oriented information edits and reference checks.

Lincy S. Lal, PharmD, PhD, Director–Healthcare Pipeline and Research Optum Insight, Optum (previously United Health)


And honestly, I couldn’t say enough positive about you as an editor. I really appreciated seeing the changes in the article, especially where you smoothed out the population ages and noted ‘excessive’ instead of ‘excess’. It improves the readability. I make an effort to use a clear and correct writing style, but I completely rely on you to catch those things and to make sure the style is correct! Thank you so much!!!

Valerie Mulcaire, owner of BioLit Information, tailored research, writing, and editing for health care, biotechnology, food chemistry, medical devices, and pharmaceutical content


Bette’s work has always been of the highest caliber and her effort has been a contributing factor to the respect our publications have earned among our clients. Some of our clients reproduce extracts from our written content in their own documents or Knowledge Libraries (with our permission); they rely on us to provide a final product deemed worthy of distributing under their own brand. One of our staff writers described Bette as our “personal trainer” – it takes work to perform to her high standards, but our products are greatly improved because of her commitment and our clients respect the result.

Nancy Walczak, Ingenix Consulting


I would not have re-written my script and submitted it to contests and received industry feedback if it weren’t for your moral support. I believe finishing it and getting feedback is very valuable, and out of all of the people in my last script class, I am the only one who did it.

So, sometimes as an editor, you are also a team player and partner and give encouragement and moral support, as well as giving the writer a deadline to work towards. You were flexible in that deadline, and I’m sure you would be with someone else…when we had to go out to dinner and I knew I wouldn’t be done, you told me to send what I could the next morning. In other words, you continued to encourage me to work on it even though it might not have been convenient for you.

You can do this for other people and you’re good at it!

Leah Naess, technical writer and script writer


THANK YOU so much for your amazing work on this document!  I really appreciated your attention to detail, great communication, and overall effort to make the Guidebook as excellent as it can be.  I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future!

John Berggren, Water Policy Analyst, Western Resource Advocates