A great tightening exercise from our government?

If you’ve attended one of my training classes, you know that I teach the concept of  “tightening” as a way to cut out all the excess words in our writing. Concise is good. That’s why I was so interested in reading in The Economist (January 1, 2011, p.29) that the Republican Contract from America called… Continue Reading

Preexisting toes now approved

I recently wrote about being rejected for health insurance because of my preexisting toes, two of which often develop corns. Because my foot doctor had mentioned surgery to me, Kaiser Permanente (KP) wouldn’t insure me. I am glad that I got over my sulking and asked my doctor to write a letter to KP saying… Continue Reading

Gratitude for my sight and hearing

A while back, I was grousing about our late-March snowstorm (10-20 inches predicted) and various other annoyances in my life. Then I picked up a colleague to take her to a professional STC (Society for Technical Communication) networking event. My colleague is both blind and deaf (her own description); she speaks very clearly, however. It… Continue Reading