Several readers responded to my recent blog about not liking to write but liking to have written. To overcome writer’s block, I force myself to sit still and write for a block of time. I have become a voluntary prisoner again today, at least until I finish this blog post. I have recently become aware… Continue Reading

The agony of the long-distance writer

Next month, my daughter will run a marathon to celebrate a milestone birthday. I marvel at her training routine―10-mile runs, half-marathons, intervals, cross-training. I can’t wait to cheer her on in Aspen. Although my running days are over, I’ve recently completed a marathon of sorts. I’ve just spent six months revising 26 chapters for my… Continue Reading

How fast do you write? Or edit? Do you know?

My inaugural blog for the Society for Technical Communication, published February 11, reviewed the excellent second edition of What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants. But why should you, especially if you are an employee, care about charging for your work? As I wrote in the blog, author Laurie Lewis suggests that we… Continue Reading

I don’t like to write…

I always startle my students by announcing that I don’t like to write. I think they probably assume: Surely a writing teacher must just love to write! I do not like to write because writing is hard work, including writing a blog. But like so many other writers, I love to have written. I also… Continue Reading