The power of groups to support the individual, part 1

I’m practicing my tactic of overcoming writer’s block by blogging parts of an article I’m drafting. The benefit of blogging  for me is that I think of my public audience more when I blog, vs. writing in my journal, which seems more private. So here goes:


My life is a paradox. I consider myself very independent (a therapist once told me that I had more need for autonomy than most). I love to work for and by myself, alone (with my dog)  in my quiet office with four windows. However, I also gravitate toward groups, both existing and self-formed.

I’ve joined professional organizations: STC, AMWA (American Medical Writers Association), and Toastmasters, as well as personal groups such as circuit training at my gym and several recovery groups. I’ve also formed groups when there didn’t appear to be any that would meet my needs. I started a dissertation support group that provided accountability and an opportunity to get feedback on writing issues. Dissertation in hand, I formed a job search support group that helped with job search strategy, resumes, cover letters; we taped mock interviews and gave each other feedback. Once I had landed a job, I formed a divorce support group to guide me through another rocky period.

[more later: this was just the intro]

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