Two weeks off and back at it

Did you know I’m writing a book on Marketing Bingo? Did you realize that my 25 blogs on Marketing Bingo were the prewriting for that book? I wrote 5 blogs a week for 5 weeks on marketing tips that I have learned, for a total of 25 chapters that I now have in draft form. What a treat! Here’s what I learned:

  • A blog is great for thinking about your audience. I’ve always written in journals, but that is so much more private than a blog. The blog may be less public than the book itself, but at least I’m thinking about you, my audience.
  • Having a deadline, even self-imposed, is marvelous. There were many nights when I sat, exhausted in front of the laptop but compelled to post to the blog (and after I read some of those entries, I realize that evenings are not my best writing opportunities!) Never mind: I have a draft, I have a draft, I have a draft of my book!
  • Your comments were so helpful (and I wouldn’t have had those comments in my journal, would I?) Thanks for staying with me.

The blogging experiment was so successful that I will continue, five blogs a week, to write the introduction and conclusion to the book. Stay with me. I’ll be in print by May! Thanks for reading, and for being there.

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