Coaching and tutoring services

Do you need to improve your writing skills but don’t have the time or patience to sit through an extended class? Would you rather work with an experienced writing coach who can help you hone your writing skills in the least amount of time?

I can help with that! I have over 30 years’ experience teaching writing in corporation and college classes, including as a one-on-one writing coach. As we focus on your writing needs, we’ll identify your strengths and areas for improvement. I’ll share specific lessons and exercises, all tailored to your industry or curricular focus.

Or perhaps you are a family with a student who could benefit from tutoring in English and writing. I taught middle and high school students (and my grandchildren are in middle and high school now, too), so I have lots of experience with this age group. I can help decode grammar and punctuation rules quickly for your student, along with improving the organization and readability of their writing. Together, we can ace their next writing assignment or test. (Please note: I will not ghostwrite papers or assignments, but I will coach your student to better writing performance.)

We’ll meet online with Zoom or in person (in Longmont or Boulder, Colorado). If we meet in person, I’ll buy your coffee or beverage!

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